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The Reason and Solution of Burned Speaker in Audio or Broadcasting System

Release time: 2017/9/7 15:15:34

Sound or radio system in the speaker often burned or broken the situation, most people intuitive people will think that is too loud loud speaker can not stand, so the speaker broke, it is not true, there are many kinds of situations are possible, respectively, for example Such as the following circumstances and reasons, I believe you can help you maintain the longevity of the speaker dozens of years old.
We often use the microphone to speak or sing because the microphone by the speaker too close or in front of the speaker, open the volume to produce high-frequency is the whistle of the feedback, which your speaker tweeter may not work. This is because the treble after the crossover after most of the signals are issued from the treble, this high-energy signal through the whole circle of fine tweeter to put the speaker burned, so often you use the microphone, do remember The volume from the big slowly and slowly, do not open a big breath, so that speakers are only issued as low as the sound of cattle.
1, open too loud, of course, will shake the speaker, the other is to expand the power of the machine is not hard to open the loud, the output is not the normal cutting signal, this situation will damage the speaker. It is recommended to like a large volume of users to buy high-power expansion machine, 30W low-power after the very likely to burn low-impedance large speakers.
2, expand the machine if there is a DC output, it will burn the woofer, and even a very small number of tweeter will burn. The reason is that the bass (or other sound path) trumpet is not tuned on the path of the capacitor is isolated from the DC, DC output is like putting the DC into the horn, even the crossover coil burns the burnt black together. So choose to expand the machine when you pay attention to the first meter to measure the front and rear stage of the output whether there is a DC output, if the front stage of the DC output is also possible through the rear and then amplified output DC into the speaker.
3, if you are equipped with their own hands must know that high-frequency oscillation of this matter, if you are now their own equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to high-frequency oscillation, it is best to use the oscilloscope to check the front and rear whether there is oscillation Or DC output, if you do not find this situation, it may burn your advanced speakers enough to let you buy several 20MHz oscilloscope.
(If there is a scary), but the vacuum tube machine is popular again, pay special attention to the vacuum tube machine is more likely to have high-frequency oscillation or interference, the above-mentioned The situation is the most common cause of the speaker, to provide you as a reference for routine maintenance.
Equipment with heavy, yin and yang to reconcile
I have always stressed that the importance of equipment collocation far better than the individual equipment itself is good or bad. Cheap equipment, if the appropriate match, its performance will be better than with the bad high-priced equipment and equipment with the principle is to find a balance point, like a seesaw-like, to find the middle of that balance. Based on this, if the personality of the masculine equipment we find feminine to match, so that its personality sounds very smooth If you feel the sound is too bright equipment we find warm to match; speed is too slow for us with it fast speed. In short, yin and yang reconciliation, hardness and softness, to find a balance of sound is a big principle.
Power clean, quiet and transparent level, living in the urban apartment jungle, our home is full of all kinds of electronic interference pollution. Whether it is from the power cord (motor rotation, fluorescent light flashing), the air came (radio frequency interference, electromagnetic interference) are so we can not escape. In order to reduce these disturbances, we try to do the refrigerator, air conditioning, dehumidifiers, washing machines and other motor circuits do not with the audio circuit together. If you can pull the special power supply of course, better. If you can not use the fluorescent lamp as much as possible, the dimmer will produce noise. In addition, the market has to sell some anti-electromagnetic and radio frequency interference props, there are a variety of power filters, processors can choose.
How to determine their own power to get clean it? Very simple, the more clean the power, the sound sounds more clear, quiet, transparent, and the sense of level will be better. But one thing to pay special attention to the fact that many people deal with the voice of the more thin, to the last only clear and dry midrange, thin midrange and not rich bass, it is wrong. The correct sound should be the treble water sweet, full of full full bass, low volume and flexible.
The joints will be wiped, the thread should be locked, the so-called connector is the signal input and output of the connector. These joints in the use of a long time after the inevitable erosion of the air, and in the surface to produce a layer of oxide. You have a lot of money to buy the signal line is also useful? What to use to clean the connector? There are many kinds of small to the market can be cleared, you to the sound shop to ask There is a question.
If the connector is oxidized very badly, you can also go to the car material line to buy things like Jie aluminum 99, these friction is very powerful cleaning agent, will wear a thin layer of the surface of the joints to ensure clean and dingy. But to pay special attention to, do not take this detergent to wipe the panel or gold-plated knob, it will make them become no gold-plated luster.
When you clean the surface of the connector, you can buy a kind of light with a light oil. Wiping the surface of the joint with this wiping paper will keep them for about a month without oxidation.
Again, what is the meaning of the thread to be locked? Line is the speaker thread, if the speaker thread is not locked, it will produce the impedance changes may have a negative impact on the low frequency. In my experience, the speaker line is best not to use the terminal, the bare wire will be directly locked in the terminal, this will get the best contact surface. If you must use the terminal, try to use thin and soft copper Y-type plug, this terminal can lock tight. Thicker and harder the worse the terminal contact effect. If you can clean the output input terminal, speaker line lock, then, as if the body's blood meridians did not hinder, the sound will be better to listen.
Sofa to buy leather, so good to sit and sound, whether you are buying a single seat or double, three or even the whole sofa, I suggest you buy leather sofa. Why? Maybe everyone has a different view of whether to sit or not. However, the leather sofa and cloth sofa, wooden chair than one, really make the sound more pleasant, especially low frequency.
Why? I did not use the scientific method to test, but I think the leather sofa is a very good sound damping body, it can be appropriate absorption (volume, weight and soft and hard degree) and reflection (leather surface) sound waves, so that the sound more Nice. In addition, the leather sofa if the correct maintenance, with a five years and ten years no problem. Moreover, the current Italian imports of leather sofa is not too expensive, not to mention there are many Taiwan imitation products.
In order to beautify the ceiling, or false false pillars, how many or please wood pincers plywood, or even the whole wall for the beautiful, but also the first plywood and then paste the wallpaper. Unfortunately, the splint for the IF and the low frequency has a very strong absorption. Therefore, the plywood and more, then the frequency and low frequency will become thinner. We all know that the frequency of a thin words, like a person's liver is not good, it is a very serious problem. To sound effect, the plywood certainly hurt and hurt the body.
If your ceiling must be beautified, then I suggest you do a small piece of curved plate to beautify. Or, do a piece of independent long sound arc. Even the secondary diffuser can be installed on the ceiling. These measures are positive for the sound. Please note that if your space is large, you can selectively in the listening area on the ceiling to do the above measures can be. If within five Ping, do a few pieces of arc has been covered with a ceiling. Perhaps some people will doubt that the arc plate is not made of thin plate? Yes, it is bent into a thin plate, but its strength is very high. Moreover, it is not sealed inside the cavity, so the sound absorption characteristics are far less than the proliferation of furniture, the normal swing, the proliferation of natural absorption to the general people in the layout of a sound room, the first thought is to neat simple and clean. There is no general miscellaneous furniture cabinets and so on. As everyone knows, this way, because the room to absorb the sound of things less, will make the echo too much, too long, low frequency frequent standing waves. Like this a space, beautiful is beautiful, but the sound must be empty noisy, not durable listening.
My advice is a sound space is best to have and the general home environment in general, there are tables and chairs, cabinets and so on. These furniture will naturally have the sound absorption, reflection, the role of proliferation. If you are lucky, you can not listen to it. Bad luck, we come back to do some special sound so good device and adjustment.
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