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The Q-Sys system leads the development of centralized audio signal processing

Release time: 2017/9/7 15:15:44

Today, there is still debate about decentralized and centralized audio processing. Is it better to use centralized digital signal processing in large audio systems, or how to use decentralized multiple signal processors over the network? Discussions in some audio experts seem to have stopped a few years ago.
Many audio manufacturers still support decentralized signal processing, but Rich Zwiebel and John Britton, the founders of the two leading audio companies, think this is an outdated way, and the two first proposed in 1992 The concept of audio processor.
The biggest argument is whether the decentralization is more stable than the centralized. In a decentralized process, if a component is broken, the rest of the system can continue to work.
Mr. Zwiebel does not think so, he says, "We have used both of our engineers' teams because there are a lot of equipment in the decentralized way, and we know that there is a problem." In other words, there is a problem from a point that turns into a lot Point of the possible problems, and any of these problems can cause system failure. "Today's technology, we have been able to trust a processor, the use of another backup DSP, when the main equipment problems, backup DSP Can automatically take over the system.
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