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China's energy-saving industries need to pay attention to energy-saving emission reduction

Release time: 2017/9/7 15:18:52

First of all, in the sound system design, arranged in the hall too much speakers, the choice of loudspeaker power is generally too large. A hall, exactly how many speakers, although there is no rigid requirements. But the national standard GBT50356-2005 "theater, cinema and multi-purpose hall architectural acoustics design specifications" and "hall sound reinforcement system design specifications", are clearly given different purposes, different grades of hall sound pressure level requirements. We should understand that such a request is through the reasonable configuration of the speaker power and the number to achieve, and specifically, the following formula to determine:

In the case of
W = 10 (LP-LS + 10Lgr) / 10

In the case of
Where W: speaker configuration power

In the case of
LP: Sound pressure level at the specified point in the hall

In the case of
LS: Speaker sensitivity

In the case of
r: the distance between the designated point and the speaker in the hall (generally refers to the reverberation critical distance, is the direct sound pressure level and reverberation sound pressure level equal)

In the case of
According to the above formula is calculated to reach the standard sound pressure level, should be configured speaker power. Such as 2-channel stereo mode, with a 3dB margin, the general hall is enough.

In the case of
But in reality, the program designers, project implementers, are blindly arranged together, and even worse, to multi-speaker pursuit of economic benefits. I see, there is a less than 100 equal points of the small conference room, even with six 400W 15 inch 2 frequency speakers, do not know how to think.

Second, the use of lighting design is also big hands and feet blindly ask for more and more. Such as computer lights, obviously available 575, to use 1200, 6, 8 is not enough, with it a 10 12; not the stage, you can use two top light, arranged 3, 4 top light, surface Light, side light is also true.

In the case of
Although the number of lights as the number of speakers, not a hard target, but it is clear that China's industry standard "theater design specifications", "studio design technical specifications" and so clear the illumination and uniform requirements, as long as the reference lamp Indicators, can not use too many lamps, optimize the layout, making the lighting standards.

In the case of
Third, most of the current theater and multi-functional hall of the number of lamps too much, song and dance performances when the illumination is too high, the effect of excessive lighting, choreography design are in line with the CCTV, too luxurious. I have to see a folk opera house song and dance performances, feeling the lights are dazzling, the original theater is not enough, and added some. Excessive lighting, especially the use of high-power lamps, to the audience's eyes brought damage.

In the case of
We come to rough to count, hall sound pressure level increased by 3 dB, speaker drive power to double. Such as a hall set the sound pressure level of 100dB, assuming the speaker drive power of 2600 watts, if the sound pressure level increased to 103 dB, the drive power will increase 2600 watts, taking into account the efficiency of the amplifier, increase power consumption to more than 3000w. Similarly, the stage lighting, conventional lamps generally use 2Kw quartz bubble, computer lighting is generally 700w, 1500w power consumption, such as increase the number, it is clear that the power consumption will multiply.

In the case of
China's multi-functional theater a large number of various types of halls are numerous, in the facilities, equipment design, use, luxury configuration, take the course of configuration, ultra-standard configuration, the use of high sound pressure level, high illumination, abound, and these and Is not necessary, so there is a considerable energy-saving emission reduction space, the urgent need to cause the industry management, design, the use of staff attention. Only this, green, environmental protection, sustainable and other policy ideas in the audio industry floor, at the same time will produce good social and economic benefits.

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